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Ethereum Eyes $5,000: Technical and On-Chain Support

Ethereum Eyes $5,000: Technical and On-Chain Support

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HODLing Sentiment: Traders are withdrawing ETH from exchanges, signalling long-term holding and reduced circulating supply. Deflationary Trend: Ether’s supply growth rate is at -0.71% per year, enhancing scarcity and supporting price increases. Institutional Inflows: ETH-based products saw inflows of $33.5 million last week, reversing previous outflows and indicating renewed institutional optimism.

Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), is demonstrating substantial potential to reach the $5,000 mark by the end of June. A blend of technical, on-chain, and fundamental indicators supports this optimistic outlook. Here, we delve into the bullish factors driving this potential price surge.

Growing HODLing Sentiment Among Ethereum Traders

A significant bullish indicator for Ether is the increasing trend of traders withdrawing their ETH holdings from crypto exchanges. This behavioural shift, highlighted by on-chain data resource Glassnode, underscores investors’ growing sentiment of long-term holding (HODLing). As of June 5, the total Ether reserves across all crypto exchanges dropped to over 12.59 million ETH, marking the lowest level since July 2016. Historically, a decrease in exchange balances correlates with an increase in Ether’s price and vice versa.

This dynamic was notably evident from mid-January to mid-March, where a decline in exchange balances coincided with a rise in Ether’s price. Moving Ether off exchanges signals bullish sentiment, as investors prefer holding or staking their ETH for rewards rather than trading it. This behaviour effectively reduces the circulating supply amid rising demand, a pattern observed in the past that has often led to price increases.

Supply-Demand Dynamics and On-Chain Indicators

Additional on-chain indicators also highlight the positive supply-demand dynamics for Ether. For example, as of June 6, Ether’s annual supply growth rate was -0.71%, measured from the day Ethereum switched from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in 2022. This deflationary trend, monitored by UltraSound Money, increases the scarcity of ETH, aiding in price appreciation.

Moreover, recent inflows into ETH-based products are another bullish sign. Last week, these products saw inflows of $33.5 million, bringing the monthly total to $21.6 million and reversing the yearly inflows to $11 million. This marked the second consecutive week of positive flows, a significant turnaround from the previous week’s $35.5 million outflow. Earlier negative sentiment, driven by fears of spot Ether ETF rejections, had caused substantial outflows. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) acceptance of multiple Ether ETF applications has renewed institutional optimism, bolstering expectations for price growth.

Institutional Interest and Potential for Price Surge

The renewed interest from institutional investors mirrors Bitcoin’s situation ahead of its ETF approvals and subsequent launches in January. This parallel suggests a similar trajectory for Ether, reinforcing the potential for it to reach $5,000 in the coming weeks. Institutional inflows into ETH-based products signal growing confidence in Ethereum’s long-term prospects, which is critical for sustaining price momentum.

Furthermore, the ongoing trend of reduced ETH supply on exchanges, positive institutional sentiment, and deflationary on-chain metrics sets a robust foundation for Ether’s price to climb. As investors increasingly choose to hold or stake their ETH, the reduced circulating supply against rising demand will likely drive prices higher. Consequently, this pattern is expected to continue. This provides a strong case for Ether reaching the $5,000 milestone by the end of June.

Additionally, the combination of reduced exchange balances, deflationary supply growth, and renewed institutional interest forms a compelling narrative for Ether’s price surge.

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