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BRC-20 Investors Bet Big on Highest APY Learn-to-Earn Platform – Over $1M Raised for 99Bitcoins in Explosive New 99BTC Crypto Presale

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 – Learn-to-Earn could be the next crypto narrative as retail investors bet big on 99Bitcoins’ BRC-20 crypto presale – but what has the market so excited about the 99BTC token?

OG Bitcoin education website 99Bitcoins is poised for a major relaunch in Q3 2024, amid an explosive presale for their new 99BTC token and Learn-to-Earn platform.

As the presale hits lightspeed, the past weekend saw 99Bitcoins smash $1M raised, with the current pot standing at $1.13M and rapidly approaching its first significant target of $1.89M.

Within 24 hours, we’ve added another $100K! We’re now sitting at over $1.1 Million raised in our $99BTC #Presale!

Stage 4 is drawing unprecedented attention—let’s keep this momentum going!

Join now! #Bitcoin

— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) May 7, 2024

Yet, with retail investors scrambling to find out what’s piqued the interest of the market, a deep-dive reveals 99Bitcoin’s high staking APY offering, BRC-20 migration plans, and brand-new Learn-to-Earn platform.

Discover 99BTC: Ultra-High +1,140% APY Staking and $100M+ Market Cap Potential

It’s no secret that retail investors are getting back into cryptocurrency in pursuit of market-beating profits that could supercharge portfolios in the risk-on environment of 2024.

If you want to understand why the 99Bitcoin’s presale has accelerated to over $1M raised in little over two weeks, look no further than the insane profit potential of the 99BTC token.

To kickstart, 99Bitcoins is currently offering one of the highest variable staking APY returns in the crypto industry – with the platform boasting a current +1,140% APY for early-bird presale investors.

Simply by investing in the 99Bitcoins, you can automatically stake your purchased presale tokens, enabling you to tap into these ultra-high market-beating returns before 99BTC hits exchanges.

But that’s just the beginning. Aside from a parade of high-profile DEX and CEX listings set for Q3 of this year – which will see a baked-in gain in the initial listing price – many analysts believe that 99BTC could hit a $100M market cap.

While this might sound fanciful at first glance, a closer look at the education coin vertical (which has a total market cap of $390M at the time of writing) reveals that this could be a realistic prospect.

(Top Education Coins)

The top education coin – OpenCampus (EDU) – currently has a market cap of $160M, while the second-biggest education coin, TokenFi (TOKEN), stands at $106M. 

But while both of these tokens operate in the education sector, as creator-oriented projects they only tap into one facet of the $17.8B digital education market.

99Bitcoins innovates for the learner, not the teacher, creating one of the first purpose-built Learn-to-Earn onboarding platforms for new users in the crypto industry – after all, education should be rewarded.


For this reason, 99Bitcoins is poised to unlock unhinged growth in the education vertical in 2024, and with a current presale market cap of just $1.1M, repeating the success of EDU and TOKEN would fuel more than 100x gains for today’s presale investors.

Is 99BTC Token The Ultimate Bitcoin Beta Play in 2024? Here’s How BRC-20 Migration Will Supercharge 99Bitcoin’s Price Growth

2024 is a massive year for Bitcoin, and things are going well so far. The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States in January was quickly followed by a recent BTC ETF approval in Hong Kong.

This coincided with the latest Bitcoin halving event on April 20, with BTC miners’ block rewards slashed in half.

In combination, this can be seen as a supply reduction in the face of unhinged fresh demand—a simple but potent recipe for a bull run.

At the heart of Bitcoin’s expected rise is the scramble for Bitcoin beta plays (tokens expected to pump alongside BTC, yet, at lower market caps – enabling larger gains).

On a name basis alone, the 99BTC token has mileage in a Bitcoin bull market due to memetic value; however, this is supercharged by emerging plans for a BRC-20 migration in Q3.


The BRC-20 token standard erupted earlier this year in a vast Bitcoin beta narrative surrounding the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

With a name like 99Bitcoins and the prospect of deploying as the highest APY BRC-20 token, investing in the 99Bitcoins presale at the undervalued $1.1M stage is a no-brainer.

99Bitcoins Will Onboard the Next Generation of Crypto Users: Why is the New Learn-to-Earn Platform So Exciting?

If you think you’ve heard of 99Bitcoins before – you have.

An icon of the early Bitcoin days, the site has played host to millions of users since 2013, and no doubt already played a formative role in the crypto journeys of hundreds of thousands of investors.

99Bitcoins has never been afraid to innovate, from the world-famous Bitcoin Obituaries to its once industry-defining Bitcoin faucet, and the new Learn-to-Earn platform is no exception.

Taking inspiration from Coinbase’s recently launched Base Chain (BASE), analysts predict that the education platform could witness insatiable growth over the course of the 2024 bull run.

The reason for this is simple: Like Coinbase for trading, 99Bitcoins is already the first port of call for millions of new crypto users.

Where BASE will enable Coinbase to capture a large slice of fresh retail capital via its market-leading CEX, the 99BTC token is positioned to become a favorite as new users flock to learn and earn with 99Bitcoins.

So, with 1,140% APY staking alongside potential 100x growth in the BRC-20 vertical, this viral crypto presale isn’t one to miss in the year ahead.

To supercharge your earning potential, participate in 99Bitcoins’ generous $99,999 BTC airdrop giveaway via Gleam too!

Follow the project on X (Twitter) for the latest updates, and join their Telegram and Discord to connect with the 99Bitcoins community.

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