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Cat-Themed Meme Craze Is Taking Over With NEZUKO Token Trending and Now Experts Say This Other Coin is Next

Cat-themed Solana meme coins are all the rage, and now a new token named Nezuko Cat (NEZUKO) has exploded +8,000% overnight – in NEZUKO price analysis discover the kawaii coin taking the market by storm.

This article will provide an analysis of NEZUKO’s current price trends and look to see whether an innovative new meme coin, Dogeverse, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.


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Nezuko cat has unlocked quickfire success in the Solana meme coin market after retail investors shifted bullish on the project’s favorable tokenomics, which stand out amongst other cat-themed meme coins, by offering holder incentives such as ongoing NEZUKO token buy-backs.

NEZUKO Price Analysis: As NEZUKO Cat Mounts Sustained Consolidation – Is Second Rally Leg Likely?

As price action mounts a sustained defense at lower support, Nezuko Cat is currently trading at a market price of $0.000346 (representing a 24-hour change of +48%).

This comes amid a -92% retracement move, which saw NEZUKO fall from a recent all-time high at $0.018 down to lower support above $0.0015 over the past 12 hours.

Launched on April 29, NEZUKO gained rapid traction on Solana meme coin markets as retail investors flocked to the well-marketed project – fuelling initial +66,791% gains for the earliest backers.

Now in consolidation, a well-established support zone between $0.00015 and $0.00052 has set the stage for a return to upside movements during Today’s trading.

This is buoyed by an alluring market cap of just $315k, which offers an enticing entry for late-stage retail investors seeking to secure potential 5-10x gains over the next 24-hours.

However, some caution should be exercised over NEZUKO’s modest liquidity pool, which remains unlocked at $81k.

For this reason, other retail investors seeking more reliable long-term value accrual are shifting their attention to the DOGEVERSE presale as it hammers multi-million dollar viral success.

Could This Presales Offer Better Meme Coin Play?

While NEZUKO is the viral token de jour in GameFi and meme coins, Dogeverse is gearing up to be the next big thing.

Think of this as a time machine ticket to NEZUKO token’s first hour of trading, with all the early adopter bragging rights included.

Built on BASE, and deployed on multi-chain launch, the DOGEVERSE presale recently smashed $12.5m in funds raised.

Being the first multi-chain DOGE incarnation, DOGEVERSE aims to become a top meme coin on BASE quickly. Don’t miss out – join the community here.


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